RTS 100/600

RTS 100/600
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RTS 100/600

Spreading slot head for edge bonding with adjustable width for hot melt adhesive

The concept is based on a variation of the adhesive spreading width in a quick and accurate mode with an easy maintenance and daily cleaning, the whole in a minimum space.From this concept the new Rotoslot have been developed. The adjustment of the width is got through a wheel by a 360? rotation which increase or decrease in a linear way from 10 mm to the maximum of the head (200 , 300 or 400 mm).

To clean the slot head and avoid cross-linkage of the PUR adhesive you just need to open the slot at the maximum width and pass through the head the cleaner product supply by a small melter to replace the reactive PUR volume by the non reactive cleaner.This operation is carried out without touching the slot.

Width adjustment very easy, Process time gain, Minimum space, Simple use for optimum result in safety way.